(Tempe, Arizona) (5 Nisan 2008)

28 Ekim 2008 Salı

Google Video: Gone. Next!!

I'm thinking of switching to English on my irregular posts here. My main aim creating this blog was to inform my family and friends back in Turkey about what the hell I was doing abroad.

I don't write much. But now it has been meaningless as ever since Blogger.com too is banned in Turkey.

As a newsflash, I just heard that Google Video is banned due to some unacceptably stupid video offending one sick mind in Turkey. Now, Google Video has officially joined the 800 something banned web sites in Turkey along with close relatives Youtube and Blogger.com.

I sure do love my country. But I must be an idiot to even try to defend the government in charge.

I have just kissed my freedom of speech goodbye one more time.